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What is the school like?

  • We teach 3rd-12th grade all together.  Assignments given vary based on the grade level of the child.
  • The classes are online.  They may watch live (this is preferred) or at a later time.  
  • Classes offered are US History (9 AM), Bible: Book of Acts (10:50 AM), and English (1 PM).  They are taught on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during first semester and then Monday and Wednesday during second semester.
  • We have field trips throughout the year.
  • We emphasize family and encourage family support and involvement throughout the year. God created the family first and this is very important.
  • We have a dress code.
  • We have a high academic standard as well as a Biblical foundation.

What about the curriculum?

  • We use various Christian based curriculums.

What is the Homeschool support option?

  • For homeschool families in Spartanburg who want support and help as they embark on the homeschool journey, and desire for their children to be able to get with other Christian children and participate in activities and field trips, we provide the Homeschool support option.  We are NOT an accountability group, but a support group.

PO Box 1905 - Spartanburg, SC 29304 - (864) 585-3006
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