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Truth Chapel World Evangelism Fellowship Church was started in September 2004 by Scott and Nikkie Corbin, desiring to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise.

Since beginning the church, they have often been questioned about whether they would ever start a school. Realizing that there are many problems in public schools (ranging from disruptive students to unGodly curriculum), Scott and Nikkie do always encourage people to find another option. For Scott and Nikkie, parents of 5 children, that option has been to homeschool. However, Scott and Nikkie realized
that some cannot or do not desire to homeschool. And for those who can't homeschool, some cannot afford the typical private school prices. Therefore, they desired to provide an affordable option for those families.

What once seemed like an impossible task recently became a possibility. Realizing the ability to have mulitple ages in one classroom, and Nikkie, a graduate with an elementary education degree, agreeing to abandon homeschool and give her time to this ministry, has opened the doors to the possibility of beginning a small Christian school with a conservative Christian education.

In 2013, seven students applied for enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year, with only three of those students being children other than Scott and Nikkie's own.  Though it was only a few interested families, Scott and Nikkie felt strongly that it was the right thing to do.

They began seeking funding for the building of the school on the 11 acres of land that the church owned.  A generous donor from their area offered a donation of $20,000 under the condition that it was matched.  Members of the church donated the needed $20,000.  There were discussions with a local bank to received the remaining $35,000 that was needed to build.  The aforementioned donor offered to loan the remaining amount, instead.  Then, when meeting to get the loan, the donor announced that she had decided to just donate the money rather than loaning it.

In the summer of 2013, the school was built, and classes began September 2013.

The school has grown since then with both more students and workers which led to the leasing of a modular building, with plans to build larger space one day.

In 2016, the school also plans to expand its reach by providing an online school option, and homeschool support.

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