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Homeschool Support

Requirements for Parents/Guardians:

1. Truth Chapel Christian Academy expects both parents to be practicing Christians. If only one parent is a Christian, the following is required:

A. The unsaved parent cannot be hostile to the Gospel. God has created the child so that the parent is the primary influence in shaping his outlook and personality. This influence must be pro-Christian. If it is anti-Christian, most of the influence of the Christian school will be counteracted by the home and a partnership with the school cannot result.

B. The non-Christian parent must be in agreement with the enrollment of the child and must sign all necessary forms.

C. The family should attend church regularly.

D. Family Bible reading and prayer should be a part of the normal home routine.

2. The family will agree to work in a partnership relationship with the school and back the school fully in the training of the child.

3. Payments will be made in accordance with the enrollment contract.

4.  It is recommended that parents have a computer and Internet as a primary way of communication with TCCA.

Requirements for Student:

1. The student's attitude and life-style must be compatible to the Truth Chapel Christian Academy student body.

2. The student will agree to study and comply with all the policies of the student handbook of Truth Chapel Christian Academy when attending school functions, clubs, or field trips.  

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