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On-Site Students
Truth Chapel Christian Academy maintains a selective admissions policy. Students are enrolled who best fit within the spiritual and academic climate of the school. Admission to Truth Chapel Christian Academy is a privilege and not a right. All students and their families must maintain proper standing with the school for continued enrollment. All parents must submit the appropriate enrollment information and pay all applicable fees. No student may attend class until all enrollment requirements are met. All financial obligations not kept in good faith will forfeit one's admission to the Academy.

All fees paid to Truth Chapel Christian Academy are non-refundable. Upon signing the enrollment contract, parents are responsible for the entire yearly fees as listed on the contract.

Truth Chapel Christian Academy admits students of all races, color, national and ethnic origins to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to the students of the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, or other school-administered programs.


Requirements for Parents/Guardians:

1. Truth Chapel Christian Academy expects both parents to be practicing Christians.  This is a Christian school, and parents must be tolerant to a Christian education and atmosphere.  If only one parent is a Christian, the following is required:

A. The unsaved parent cannot be hostile to the Gospel. God has created the child so that the parent is the primary influence in shaping his outlook and personality. This influence must be pro-Christian. If it is anti-Christian, most of the influence of the Christian school will be counteracted by the home and a partnership with the school cannot result.

B. The non-Christian parent must be in agreement with the enrollment of the child and must sign all necessary forms.

C. The family should attend church regularly.

D. Family Bible reading and prayer should be a part of the normal home routine.

E. The primary motive for enrollment must be for spiritual development in an academic setting.

2. The family will agree to work in a partnership relationship with the school and back the school fully in the training of the child.

3. Tuition payments will be made in accordance with the enrollment contract.

4. It is recommended that parents have a computer and Internet as a primary way of communication with TCCA.

Requirements for Student:

1. The student must be able to do the required academic work.

2. All students in option A will receive Bible lessons based on the King James Bible.  

3. The student's attitude and life-style must be compatible to the Truth Chapel Christian Academy student body.  Behavior in the classroom must also line up with the Word of God.

4. Students who do not want to attend a Christian School should not be enrolled.

5. The student will agree to study and comply with all the policies of the student handbook of Truth Chapel Christian Academy.

6. Laptop to be brought to school is necessary for option A.  A home computer and Internet are necessary for option B, and highly recommended for A & C.  Students enrolled in option A will need to complete lessons at home on Tuesday and Friday as well as periodically for other "at home" days like snow days, make-up days, etc.  All students and parents will be contacted online concerning upcoming events, assignments, behavior reports, and more via the Internet.

7. Tech Savviness is a necessary skill for late elementary - high school kids, including ability to navigate around a computer, take a screenshot, use Microsoft office products, scan and upload projects, print off worksheets or PDFs, basic typing skills, use of Zoom, etc.  Younger students will be taught these skills.

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